Do You Know When to Call a Forensic Accountant in Las Vegas Valley?

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You always hope that the people you bring on board at your company have high standards of integrity, but when that may not appear to be the case, it’s comforting to know that a forensic accountant can help you sort out any confusion. It may not be easy, but knowing when to make the call for help can make it easier to take action.

Your Company Is Involved in a Legal Dispute

Whenever your business is being sued or filing a lawsuit, there are important details that only a detailed financial analysis can answer. Allegations about the value of your company assets, lost wages or lost profits typically need to be backed up by evidence. 

Your Business Success Isn’t Reflected In Your Books

Maybe your company is taking in a record high number of orders but you’re not seeing a difference in your monthly, quarterly or annual reports. There could be legitimate factors affecting your finances or it could be a sign of sophisticated fraud that requires a professional accountant to untangle.

You’re Getting Married or Divorced

Prenuptial agreements before getting married or a division of assets upon getting divorced may include business assets. A forensic look at your company’s financial records is the best way to ensure that everyone involved has a clear picture of the value of your company.

Trustworthy Forensic Accountant for Las Vegas Valley Businesses

If you have concerns about your business’s finances, S.J. Meyer & Co. is ready to help you. In addition to specialized forensic accounting, we deliver superior accounting and auditing, tax planning and preparation, and business set-up and planning services, as well as Quickbooks consulting. Our team of top-rated financial professionals has earned a stellar reputation for attentive service and dedication to our clients’ needs. We welcome your questions about wealth management, estate planning, business taxes and S corp tax planning, too. Contact us today to speak with a dedicated accountant who can advise you.

Safeguard Your Company’s Future with Forensic Accounting Services for Las Vegas Valley Businesses

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